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Latinx Intelligentsia

Apr 15, 2022

Ep47 What started as a way to gather to write at the start of the pandemic evolved into a shared sacred space among Central American and Isthmian writers who sought a space to tell their stories from the Isthmus. La Profesora talks with Eileen Galvez, Samantha Erskine, Bri Rodriguez, and Jessica Hoppe about how the...

Mar 24, 2022


Ya'll didn't think that after talking about my love, John Lira's campaign for the past few seasons that I wouldn't showcase a critical moment in our journey, right?!

In this BONUS episode, I captured moments before, during, and after election day in the Texas primaries. John Lira, candidate for Texas 23rd...

Mar 16, 2022

Ep 46

La Profesora talks with newly-minted Dr. Roberto Orozco (felicidades on your dissertation defense!) about the connection between Jotería Studies and Chicana Feminism. Early Chicana Feminists crafted a theory that disrupted heteronormativity and uplifted race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality, a...

Feb 28, 2022

Episode 45

Ya'll! We have a new Poet-in-Residence and in Resistencia, future Dr. Gabriel Pulido! Gabriel shares his journey with spoken word and slam poetry, noting that his creative writing and academic writing processes sometimes blend together. As a conjurer of joy, our new Poet-in-Resistencia offers writing...

Feb 15, 2022


It's always inspiring to learn from a scholar who centers comunidad in her work. La Profesora talks with Dra. Dolores Delgado Bernal about her incredible contributions to promoting assets-based frameworks in the study of Latinx/a/o educational pathways. She reminds us that no idea is ever fully finished, that we...